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Practical dual sampling system operation

Control Type Dual Autosampling System
Tube capacity A/B Line 15ml x 12 Sample, 50ml x 8 sample
Sampling interval 1min~72hour
Temperature Control 2~12℃






Structure for ease of use and convenient maintenance
Practical dual sampling system operation
Full automatic control program
Minimize installation space
Backup function for power failure
Program linkage between incubator and autosampler
UV sterilization removes contaminants
Long-term storage of sampling culture with low temperature

* Specification 

- A Line : 15ml x 12, 50ml x 6 Sampling  

- B Line : 15ml x 12, 50ml x 6  Sampling 

- Sampling interval : 1min~250hour  

- Sampling Volume Control : 1~45ml 

- Temperature Control : 2~12℃ 





1. Temperature controller: displays the current temperature, and the temperature inside the chamber can be

   adjusted (control temperature range 2 ~ 12 ℃) 

2. Locking device: Door can be locked and unlocked with a dedicated key 

3. Sampling Line Connector: A Silicone Tube line that is connected to the sampling pipe of the BIOCANVAS LF Fermentor 

    product vessel to collect samples of the culture medium being cultured. 

4. Air Line Connector: Silicone Tube connection to the sub pipe of the vessel of BIOCANVAS LF Fermentor 

 5. Chamber lamp: Chamber lamp that can check the sampling status even in the dark 

6. UV Sterilization Lamp: Sterilize the inside of the chamber by controlling ON / OFF from the controller 

7. Feeding Pump (A Line, B Line) for collecting samples 

8. Holder Station that can be equipped with Conical Tube to collect samples