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In-Situ Sterilizable Fermentor

Vessel Volume 30L~1,000L
Agitation AC Motor Top or Bottom Drive (Mechanical seal/Magnetic Coupling) 50~1,000rpm
Materials & Finish Vessel/Piping : SUS316L,SUS304(Elecrolytic polishing)
Sterilization Heat exchanger or inject steam into jacket.(105℃~130℃)
Aeration * Sparger : Ring sparger(SUS 316L) * Filter : Inlet(0.2㎛), Outlet filter(0.2㎛)
Sensor pH,DO,Temp,Anti-Foam, Pressure Control, etc.
Controller 20” Touch Screen Color LCD, PLC system
Data Storage pH, DO, Pressure, Temperature and Agitation speed
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The CENTRION brand offers pilot and production scale Fermentor / Bioreactor systems  

for all of your large scale Fermentation needs. BIOCANVAS SP Fermenter / Bioreactor designs order-made 

equipment that is designed to best fit the culture conditions, culturing the object you want.  

stainless steel vessel and in situ Automatic sterilization System and how to use a separate sterile devices  

do not need to be used, in large fermentation scale-up is possible equipment. 

BIOCANVAS SP of sterile fermentation system (in situ automatic sterilization system) is designed 

to be easy to use as a lab scale fermenter. Heater has been installed on the jacket of the vessel 

can raise the temperature to a level to sterilize the vessel, as well as temperature control of the  

vessel does not require a separate sterilization system.   

Culturing cells and microbes could be any easier with our full automation control of sterilization  

and fermentation process. BIOCANVAS SP Fermenter can be used to develop new products

in the company’s laboratory or university.  




Intelligent 20”wide touch screen Industrial PC fermentation controller

PLC Controller is applied for minimizing size and making simple set-up process

CPU and sensor board into One-board solve problems immediately

High density fermentation : DO-stat, pH-stat, Exponential feeding, etc

DO Cascade function and automation control

Remote control by PC software Data Logging system

Automatic head lift system built-in to move Top plate easily

Everything on one skid frame : Easy to install and move additional vessels and vessel controllers

Accurate temperature control with cooler and heater   

Automatic flow control : mass flow controller

All-in-one system including seed fermentor and main fermentor

Applied stainless pipe transfer line for perfect sterilization and user’s convenience

Top Plate approach adopted in the European Design

The level of cGMP IQ / OQ compliance 


  Head Lifting System    
   Head plate is lifted by air cylinder and guided by the two sets of linear motion guid  
   Safety pin is used to hold the lifted head plat  
   Lifting system is made of stainless steel(SUS 304) that it is rustles  
   Basic system with the 50L-500L capacity  





    Vessel Volume   Total Capacity(Liter)   30L             50L             70L             100L            150L             300L             500L             1000L
 Working vol.(Liter)    21L             35L             50L               70L            100L             210L             350L              700L
        Agitation      Drive& Range  30L ~ 1000L : AC motor Top drive(Mechanical seal driving) or Bottom Drive System
           Control  Manual or Automatic control of agitation speed
          Impellers  Rushton turbine impeller, Foam breaker (SUS316L)
     Sensor & Control  Magnetic hall sensor, PID control
       Agitation Type  Top Drive(Mechanical Seal) or Bottom Drive(Magnetic Coupling or Mechanical seal)
        Head Lift  The head lift system is powered by air cylinder and guided by two sets of linear motion guide
 Materials & Finish         Vessel/Piping  SUS 316L, SUS304(electrolytic polishing)
      Sterilization  Heat exchanger or inject steam into jacket. (105 ~ 130 )
        Aeration             Sparger   Ring sparger(SUS 316L)
             Filter   Inlet(0.2um), Outlet filter(0.2um)
              pH        Range / Electrode   2 ~ 14.0 pH of set point, PID control / Gel Type
             DO      Range / Electrode   0 ~ 200% or 0 ~20ppm, PID Control / Polarographic Type
     Temperature      Range& Sensor   Ambient + 3 ~ 80 (0.1 ), RTD(Pt-100), PID control
  Pressure Control  The back pressure is controlled manually and / or automatically
        Control             Panel    20" Touch Screen Color LCD. Built-in industrial computer
      Control program   Process, Tend, Calibration Mode control display
  All the programmed setting values will be automatically stored into the built-in memory
          Processor   PLC system
            Setting   Automated sterilization process
  Automated fermentation program
  Valve control
      Communications   Memory stick, printer, computer, etc with the RS-232C communication protocol
     Data Storage   pH, DO , Temperature, Pressure and Agitation speed


● According to customer requirements and the intended use by changing some standards it can be produced.  

● The control software also can be produced according to customer requirements.