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Looking at the MFC flow rate of the flow rate value through a digital display, a device for controlling the flow rate through.

Air or gas required for fermentation and culture (O2, CO2, N2, etc.) are automatically controlled to a desired flow rate through the MFC is supplied to the vessel.  

Small Size Flow Controller MFC. Combining small size flow sensor MFC and small solenid valve technology. 

High performance and cost efficiency incorporated in sensor, proportional control, and valve functions enable use with different applications. Compatible with different fluids. 




 Flow Range

 0 - 10L/min

 Control Range

 3 - 100%F.S.


 Within 0.5sec. At Setting ±5%F.S.


 ±3%F.S. or Less



 Power Voltage

 24V DC ±10% / 250mA or Less


 ▪ Digital display for easy confirmation of control 

 ▪ Keep this product's flow within the rated flow range 

 ▪ Realize multi-funcions with microcomputer

 ▪ Easy operation and Long life

 ▪ Maker by CKD



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 Mass Flow Controller 0-5L


 Mass Flow Controller 0-10L



 Cat. NO.



 Mass Flow Manual 0-5L


 Mass Flow Manual 0-10L

*MFM : Mass Flow output only










Gas sensor is providing modern and inexpensive measuring solutions for in-situ analysis of bioprocesses with its Gas sensor series. 

Gas sensor is quick and easy to integrate into processes, providing readings with a high level of reliability. All analyzers in the series unite several measureing components in one compact stainless steel housing.

The measuring signals can be exported as analog signals (4-20mA each for both signals) as well as digital signals (RS485 Modbus, RS232, usb). Data can be logged during measurement using an optional web server, and is very easy to display when needed in any up-to-date browser via a network connection. Using the data bus module RS485, Several analyzers can be connected at once, allowing parallel systems to be activated and making readouts straightforward. 


 Application areas


 ▪ online fermentation monitoring

 ▪ real time process optimization

 ▪ from lab to industrial scale


 ▪ parallel measurement of O2 and CO2 

 ▪ Compact stainless steel housing 

 ▪ PAT conform in-situ-measurement   

 ▪ auto compensated humidity and pressure

 ▪ no gas cooler, pumps or valves needed

 ▪ connectable to any hose/tube or pipe 

 ▪ status display by luminous Push buttons  

 ▪ Easy operation and Long life

 ▪ Maker by BlueInOne





 Differences at a glance



 Measuring Principle O²

 Zirconium dioxide

Galvanic cell

 Concentration Range

 0.1 - 25 Vol.% O2, 1 - 50 Vol.% O2,  

 0 -  25 Vol.% CO2  

 0 - 100 Vol.% O2

 0 - 25 vOl.% CO2

 Fields of application

(others possible)

 Fermentation processes Process 


 Cell growth processes Anaerobic processes

 Not to be used with

 Oxygen poor processes

 Explosive gases

 Gases with polymers or silicon  


 Gases with halogens (F, Cl, Br, etc.) 

 Gases with CFC or SOX and H2S


 Gases with NH3 or O3

 Temperature inside ot the O²-Sensor unit

 580℃ (1076℉)

 Appox. ambient temperature

 Power Voltage

 24V DC ±10% / 250mA OR Less





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 Gaz Zirconium dioxide Controller


 Gas Galvanic cell Controller










The Balance internal calibration with an internal mass saves time and money. External calibration requires a great deal of skill and time as well as an expensive external mass.

With our internal calibration with internal mass, the balance can be calibratedevery quickly.

Automatic self calibration - Self-calibrates automatically when the balance on demand with just the push of a button.

Easy-to-use optional USB interface, with no driver or software installation necessary, for transfer or weighing data to a computer (Unidirectional communication from a balance to a PC only. Please use the standard RS-232C interface for sending commands from a PC to the balance.) 




 Weighing Capacity

 210g ~1100g

 Minimum Weighing Value


 Operating temperature

 5℃ to 40℃, 85%RH or less

 Standard Serial 1/F

 RS-232C Interface

 Power Consumption

 Approx, 11VA(Supplied by AC adapter)


 ▪ Digital display for easy confirmation of control

 ▪ The best of magnetic force Restoration


 ▪ Single point parallelogram load Sensing

 ▪ Easy operation and Long life

 ▪ Maker by AND



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 Weighing Capacity 210g


 Weighing Capacity 610g


 Weighing Capacity 1100g










 0.1rpm-100rpm, CW/CCW

 Flow rates


 Speed resolution


 External Control

 Start/stop, direction and speed control



 Power supply




 ▪ Digital display for easy confirmation of control

 ▪ Applicable pump heads 

 ▪ Prime key for fast filling and emptying 

 ▪ Adjust speed manually or automatically 

  through analog interface 

 ▪ Membrane keypad, easy to operate 

 ▪ Memory funtion, storing the running 

  parameters automatically 

 ▪ Easy operation and Long life 

 ▪ Maker by Longer






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Max Flow Rate (ml/min) 





 15" 24"



 ID 3.17(mm) / 10Rollers Wall Thickness 0.8-1(mm)


(Single Channel)


 16" 17" 25"


(Single Channel)


 13" 14" ID3.17(mm)

Wall Thickness 0.8-1(mm)


(Single Channel)



 Pump Head Option