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Light intensity control range 10 – 100%
Light module Selectable - Fluorescent lamp or LED
Light Color White, RED, Blue
Max. Lux Max. 20000lux
Control Mode On/off or set of the lighting Controller
Sensor pH,DO,Temp,Anti-Foam,ORP
Power Voltage 110V-220V, 50/60Hz, 10A

Lighting, the essential component for the photosynthesis reaction.

Centrion now offer special designed lighting module for your photosynthesis reaction.

Light power and spectral composition,temperature and aeration gas composition can be set control.

LED illumination with full spectrum imitated natural sunlight as closely as possible by emitting light peaks at 430nm 

and 630nm, without NDIR and ultraviolet spectrum components. 

Applied to microalgae, marine bio-industry, use a clean fuel production, Photosynthetic Microorganism culture.



 Light intensity control range 

  10 ~ 100%

● Adjustable light intensity
● Fluorescent lamp or LED lamp light source
● Expendable up to 3 lighting modules
● Scales-up Ideal for Pilot Custom Fabrication
● Easy operation and Long life

 Light module

  LED lamp or Fluorescent lamp

 Light Color 

  White, RED, Blue, Green

 Max. Lux 

  Max. 20000lux

 Sensor Control & Recording

  pH, DO, Temp, Foam, Pressure etc.

 Sparger & Gas Mode

  Micro sparger, 2 gas and 4 gas mixer

 Filter & Condenser

  0.2㎛ air filter cartridge, SUS 316

 Temp Control System

  Cartridge heater or chiller

 Feeding Control System

  Peristaltic pump control
 Acid, Base, Foam, Feed

 Light Control Mode

 On/off or set of the lighting controller

 Power Voltage

 110V-220V, 50/60Hz, 10A